Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Quillan Isaiah: One Month

On Sunday (June 2nd) Quillan turned one month old. He weighed 9 lbs 10 oz and was 21 1/2 inches long. His head circumference is 14 1/4 inches. He has blue eyes and is mostly bald. The hair he does have looks to be red. He has long fingers and toes and long legs. He makes lots of great facial expressions!

Quillan struggled with nursing in the beginning but he is getting the hang of it now. He eats what seems like constantly. He is actually eating about every 2-3 hours most of the time. He seems to prefer the right side, as he chokes frequently on the left side. Sometimes it is very easy to get a burp out of him and other times it is near impossible. That being said, he is constantly gassy. He groans and grunts all the time and usually can’t lay on his back. I’m probably going to jinx things by saying this but he really does not spit up ever.

Sleeping was another issue for him. Like all babies, he had his days and nights mixed up for quite some time. He is now staying awake a little bit more during the day and sleeping better at night. In the last few nights, he has consistently slept for at least one 3 hour period. He usually also does a 2-2.5 hour period as well. We have started, again in the last few days, putting him to sleep on his stomach. This way keeps him asleep whereas when he was on his back he would wake up frequently (every hour or less most nights) with gas. (Yes, I know, spare me the lecture please). When we started this, we also started putting him to sleep in his crib instead of his bassinet. So I have been sleeping on the couch now to make sure I hear him. Prior to this sleeping arrangement, he had preferred to sleep on my chest.

Quillan is able to track objects with his eyes for a short time. He is getting better at focusing on things. He likes looking at faces and the blinds mostly. He can hold his head up for brief periods of time.

Quillan is the gassiest/poopiest baby I have ever met! I can’t wait to see how embarrassed he gets when I write that in his baby book! The kid can seriously break world records in the pooping department! I’ll spare all the details though, that’s all I’m going to say about that. 🙂

This month Quillan has gotten to experience many firsts, in addition to the usual “firsts” that all babies experience. He has gone to church, the library (which was a disappointment and we didn’t end up staying – today will be his first REAL experience there), and the pool where he got to dip his feet in the ice cold water! He has also been babysat for the first time, by his Grandma and Grandpa (And Aunt Minnie and Uncle Brandon) while we went grocery shopping. He had his first bottle (of breastmilk) during this time and did well with it, taking an ounce at a time. Grandma will be upset I’m writing this but he also got his first “injury” which was a scrape on his forehead from Grandma’s nail. She was protecting him from being kicked in the head by Jordan so it was definitely the lesser of two injuries and she was the only one upset about it 😉  He’s also already had his first cold, thanks to coming home from the hospital to a sick brother!

Quillan has met several family members. He has met (of course) his brothers Jacob and Jordan, Grandma and Grandpa, Lolo and Papa, Aunt Minnie, Uncle Brandon, cousin Christopher, Uncle Buddy, and G.G. Several other family members saw him at his cousin Christopher’s memorial service as well.

Below are some pictures from Quillan’s first month of life.

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  1. LeAnnaJune 5, 2013 at 5:02 PM

    My goodness, what a cutie! I don't comment much, but feel compelled to say something about your BF'ing woes.

    Re: choking, constant eating & extreme gassiness in your baby Q. I would strongly suggest you read up on oversupply issues as well as foremilk/hindmilk imbalance. I only say this because I have dealt with both while nursing my boys!

    I also have had to go dairy-free with both of my boys (for some reason, didn't have any of these issues with my girl!) and that helps tremendously with the gas issues. My little one is almost 3mo and I thought I'd try a milkshake the other night, and my poor little fella suffered for 48 hours because of it.

    Anyway…not trying to be nosy or pushy, just thinking about what has helped me and thought I'd share. I, too, have belly sleepers. They are so much happier that way! My babies do spit up a lot, so you're lucky yours doesn't! 🙂 It sounds like he's definitely growing, which is great. Way to go!



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