Sunday, August 4, 2013

Child of God

Quillan was baptized last weekend (July 28th) and it was a beautiful day. He was well behaved and smiley. I was very happy that my aunt and uncle could come up for the ceremony and that they agreed to be his godparents.

We shared the day with another family with two little girls who were also being baptized. Quillan was first and they followed. Pastor Dean held Quillan and he just stared up at him the whole time, like he was fascinated with his mouth. It was cute. Then when Pastor Dean said, “Quillan, you are a child of God” Quillan smiled at him. SO ADORABLE!!!! My heart was very happy this day.

After Quillan and the two little girls were baptized, we all went into the center of the church and the whole congregation gathered around us, everybody touching, and prayed. It was a wonderful service.

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