A lot of people are extremely interested in Chaldean Numerology. This ancient and esoteric knowledge is often studied, and incredibly interesting. For individuals who excel in math, these types of numerological numbers will reveal another fascinating set of numbers. There are two main systems in Numerology, both Chaldean and Pythagorean numerology convert letters to numbers. The difference is Chaldean corresponds numbers and letters with tones and sounds, and Pythagorean numerology focuses on the full birth name of the individual.

The Southern Mesopotamia Society

Also referred to as Chaldean Gematria, it is classified as a numerological system. The last society regarding this system was in southern Mesopotamia, or modern-day Iraq. The leader of the society was Nebuchadnezzar, and it was the biggest society in existence. The society was well known for their well-developed mythology and church, but it was their skills at prophesy that made them famous. The books regarding the society held the secret and strange footprints, and mysterious reading of the culture. They were of incredible value to the occult circles. Numerology remains one of the most imposing and famous treasures left behind by the Chaldeans. The basis is the spiritual links to numerous astral aspects.


The Basics of Chaldean Numerology

There is a special numerical value assigned to numbers 1 through 8. The name is used to aid in the conversion of the numbers along with the assigned special vibration. The numerologists than read the vibrations connected with the name, and can convert their findings into numbers. The most difficult aspect is the correct interpretation of the vibrations. This begins by finding the numerical value for each letter in the name. These numbers are then totaled, and this number becomes the symbol of impact regarding the name. Numerology often requires any two or three-digit number be decreased to one digit. This number is the representation of what people see when they think about the individual belonging to the name. This is the image, and impression of the person.

The Meaning of The Numbers

The Chaldean system has a lot of possible interpretations for each number. The easiest numbers to work with consist of only one digit. These numbers provide a much clearer meaning, and the answers are easier to find. Below is the interpretation for each number.
  1. This signifies the true skills have not yet opened. There is much superficiality present, and the truth must be separated from any falsehoods
  2. This number is incredibly strong, dominating and self-sufficient
  3. This number symbolizes wholeness, adjustability, harmony and extreme flexibility
  4. This signifies the willingness to change, be creative, and be ready for both the good and the bad
  5. This is an organized and concentrated employee, and the association is with discipline and order
  6. This represents a freedom-loving individual, full of creativity, and loving journeys
  7. This is a teacher or a consultant who constantly has something important to do
  8. This individual is respectful, clever, moralistic and inquisitive
  9. This person has a strong purpose, if endurable, money-oriented, and always looking for results

The Ways the Chaldean Method Differs from Other Methods

The Chaldean system is unique, and the idiosyncrasies are unlike any of the other approaches used. The number 9 has does not have any letters attached to it. This is because it was the belief of the Chaldeans that the number nine was spiritual. They always though it would disappear. They also believed a great dishonesty was committed when the number 9 was used, and it was forbidden to do so. Despite the fact the systems have very little in common, the Pythagorean system based many of their principles on the Chaldean system. The approaches used in reading the vibrations, and calculating the numbers are different for both systems from numerous perspectives. The main reason the Pythagorean gained more popularity was because it was so much easier to read. This held especially true among the amateurs.

One of the most interesting features regarding the Chaldean system is the extreme orientation to every detail. Most systems completely neglect the double-digit number first to appear while summarizing. The Chaldeans took the opposite approach, and use this number as an accent, because they believe it has a strong meaning. Then they continue adding again.

The Purpose of The Chaldean System

The purpose of the Chaldean numerology system is to guide the individual to become a better person. This is accomplished by using vibrations in the creation of harmony in the soul and the body.

The Five Personal Lucky Numbers

There are 5 numbers used for the encouragement of luck in life. These numbers represent the life path and life lessons, the outer personality, the soul number, the power number and the path of destiny. These numbers are personal, and their special vibrations are based on the individual’s vibration. These numbers will attract the events. The most important number in the chart is of the life path.