Thursday, August 8, 2013

Quillan Isaiah: Three Months

Quillan is now three months old. Time flies when you’re having fun! He now weighs 12.6 lbs, is 24 inches long, and has a head circumference of 15 inches. He has outgrown all but a very few of his newborn clothes and now wears 0-3 month, 3 month, and some 3-6 month clothes. He is still mostly bald with blue eyes and he smiles constantly. He is seriously the happiest baby I have ever met.

Right after turning two months old, he started sleeping through the night! He’s had a little sleep regression lately, which is expected at three months. He usually wakes somewhere around 3am and then again around 6 or 7am. He still sleeps on his belly in his crib. We removed the bumper on his crib because it was making me nervous so he occasionally gets his legs or arms stuck in between the slats.

Quillan is still 100% breastfed. He nurses about every 2-3 hours during the day. He still struggles at times, especially on the left side,with choking while eating. He has been doing well taking a bottle of pumped milk while I am at work.

This past month Quillan learned how to roll from his belly to his back, which he’s not too excited about. He’s not happy laying on his back and once he rolls over, he’s pretty mad about being stuck there. He’s working on rolling from his back to his belly now. He can get to his side but not all the way over yet. He does a lot of talking and cooing. He loves to look at his zebra stuffed animal and spends most of every diaper change staring up at him and smiling at him. It’s adorable.

Quillan experienced his first fireworks this month, which he didn’t seem to care one way or another about. He also went to his first parade (he slept the whole time!) and put his feet in the sand for the first time. He was not impressed but wasn’t upset about it either. I went back to work this month and he was babysat by his Lolo and Papa and did well. They reported that he was happy and good all day long.

Perhaps the most important thing that happened this month was that Quillan was baptized. He also met his Auntie Sarah and Uncle Bill, who came up for his baptism and stood up as his godparents.

Below are some pictures of Quillan from July 3-August 2.

I learned how to roll over and I’m not very happy about it

with Auntie Sarah

with Uncle Bill

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Child of God

Quillan was baptized last weekend (July 28th) and it was a beautiful day. He was well behaved and smiley. I was very happy that my aunt and uncle could come up for the ceremony and that they agreed to be his godparents.

We shared the day with another family with two little girls who were also being baptized. Quillan was first and they followed. Pastor Dean held Quillan and he just stared up at him the whole time, like he was fascinated with his mouth. It was cute. Then when Pastor Dean said, “Quillan, you are a child of God” Quillan smiled at him. SO ADORABLE!!!! My heart was very happy this day.

After Quillan and the two little girls were baptized, we all went into the center of the church and the whole congregation gathered around us, everybody touching, and prayed. It was a wonderful service.

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