Saturday, September 22, 2012

Silly Saturday 9/22/12

The Hulk
Matt and I were cleaning up the kitchen while the kids were playing. We heard a huge crash in the living room followed by another huge crash. We held our breaths while we waited for Jordan to start crying. He didn’t. We walked in there and he was standing by the couch and our coffee table was upside down on the other side of the living room! Little Hulk!

Pizza Man
Jake and I walked into Hungry Howies and Jake walked right up the counter and says “I like cheese pizza!”
Then when we went back to pick it up he goes “Hey, is our pizza ready yet?” OMG.

Smelling Sweet
While I was in the shower, the boys woke up and came into the bathroom, found Matt’s deodorant, and rubbed it ALL OVER themselves. At least they smelled really good!

Trash Talking
We had to bring the boys to our Relay For Life planning meeting last week. While we were there, one of the girls calmly said “Just FYI, your child is licking the trash can…. he’s still cute though!” Sure enough, there was Jordan!

And, then there’s this picture I saw on facebook. I laughed WAY too hard when I saw it!

New Baby Celebration Giveaway

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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

{Wordless Wednesday} Rainbow

I am a Bad Mom

This post is inspired by a post written by Life With Levi. Her post was inspired by some comments on her facebook page regarding the way she is raising her son.

It seems as moms we are prone to judgement. Everybody has an opinion about the way we are raising our children. And the only opinion that matter is our own. As long as our children are happy and loved and we are proud of the decisions we are making, nobody else’s opinions matter. 

Here are the reasons why I am a bad mom. 

I am a bad mom because….

I got an epidural during my first labor and delivery

I didn’t get an epidural with my second

Both my boys are circumcised

I co-slept with Jordan

I exclusively breastfed both boys and never used formula

I breastfed Jordan for 19 months

I bought store-bought baby food for Jacob

I started Jacob on “solid” food (cereal) at only 4 months old

I waited until 6 months to start Jordan on food

I never gave Jordan cereal or baby food, he started on “real” food at six months old

I use cloth diapers

I also use disposable diapers sometimes.

I let my kids watch TV and movies

I don’t play with my kids very often, they play by themselves

I work outside of the home. I went back to work when Jacob was 2 months old and Jordan was 3 months old

I took pictures of my kids every day of the first year of their life

Jacob’s baby book is more filled out than Jordan’s is. Neither one is completely done. 

I have a favorite child. It isn’t always the same one. 

I buy my kids second-hand clothes and toys.

I let my kids wear clothes that are stained. Or mis-matched. 

I used a pacifier with both my boys. My almost 2 year old still uses a pacifier.

I spank my kids and put them in time out when other methods don’t work. 

I don’t make them pick up their toys every day. 

I don’t clean my house nearly enough.

I put Jacob in a forward facing car seat at 1 year.

Jordan is still rear facing at almost 2 years and will be for awhile

I don’t make good food for them very often. 

I let my kids eat fast food and sometimes candy. 

Sometimes I give in to them just because I don’t want to hear them cry. 

I don’t make my oldest take a nap every day. 

I sometimes take a nap on the couch while my oldest watches TV or a movie.

I shower with my kids. 

I don’t bathe or clean my kids every day. 

I don’t make my kids wash their hands before they eat. 

I only brush their teeth once a day. 

I read to my kids every night before bed. 

I tell my kids “no” frequently. 

My kids believe in Santa. 

My kids know there is no Easter Bunny. 

I use bribes and threats. 

I hug and kiss my kids every day. I tell them I love them every day. 

I let my kids try to do things for themselves. 

I get frustrated easily and yell too often. 

But you know what…. I’m still a good mom. And so are you. I do not need to justify or defend any of my decisions. I am the only one who knows how to raise my children. And so far, I am doing an okay job. 


Monday, September 17, 2012

Jordan’s 2 Year Check-Up

I took Jordan in to the doctor today for his 2 year check-up. He weighed in at a lowly 21 lbs there (clothed!) and was 33 inches tall. He is the 20th percentile for height, which is about where he’s been, but as predicted he dropped from the growth chart for weight. He is less than 3rd percentile for his weight. The doctor wasn’t overly concerned and neither am I. He does want him to come in in another three months for a weight check though.

He said he may have some underlying issues such as a malabsorption issue or even possibly Crohn’s disease or colitis or something, judging by his low weight and the frequent amount of stools he has each day. However, generally with those conditions you would see blood in the stool as well as complaints of stomach pain, which we have not noticed. He said it could just be that he’s going to be a thin kid and this is his new normal. So we’ll just watch and see. In the meantime I am to try to give him extra calories when possible. He gave me a recipe for high calorie chocolate milk and Jordan gobbled down his first glass when we got home. He’s back on whole milk instead of skim for awhile now too.

Otherwise, he checked out perfectly healthy with no concerns. I did forget to ask about him wanting to eat dog food but he hasn’t been doing that as often anymore so that’s okay.

The doctor was very impressed with his language and says he’s at about a three year old level for speaking. We skipped vaccines this time because he’s been sick with a cold and low grade fever.

He goes back in for a three year appointment next September and a weight check in December (we’re bringing him for Jake’s 4 year appointment in December) We’ll be catching him up on his vaccines at that time too, granted he’s not sick then.

Overall it was a good appointment and Jordan is still a healthy little boy. (Emphasis on the little!)  🙂

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

{Wordless Wednesday} Garage Sale Helper

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

New Baby Celebration Giveaway: Twitter Follow Page

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{Top Ten Tuesday} Cake Ideas for Jordan’s Construction Themed Birthday

Top Ten Tuesday at Many Little Blessings

Jordan’s second birthday — and party — is quickly approaching and I still haven’t decided 100% what I’m going to do for his cake. He’s having a construction themed birthday and there are so many great construction themed cakes I’ve found on pinterest. I have a feeling his cake will be a combination of a few of these!

*I take no credit for these cakes, I did not make any of them! These are ideas I found on pinterest*

Source: via Emily on Pinterest

Source: via on Pinterest

Source: via on Pinterest

Source: via on Pinterest

Source: via on Pinterest

Source: via on Pinterest

Source: via on Pinterest

Source: via on Pinterest

Source: via on Pinterest

Source: via on Pinterest

Monday, September 10, 2012

Proud Mama Monday 9/10/12

Jordan, my not quite two year old, can count to five!!!!! AND he pointed to what he was counting so he’s not just repeating. OMG. 

I was having a bad day this week and was laying in bed crying. Jake came over, wiped my tears with his hand and then kissed me where they were and asked me what was wrong and if I needed a hug. Instant pick me up! He’s such a sweet kid! Plus Jordan fell into my head and I told Jordan he hurt me and Jake asked where it hurt and gave me a kiss. Love him! 

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Silly Saturday 9/8/12

Jake: “Mom, are you an adult?”
Me: “Yes”
Jake: “Okay, listen to this” (pushes ipad, it says ask an adult for this book)
Jake: “UGH! This is destroying me!!!”

Me: (going through animal sounds with Jordan) “And what does Charlie say?”
Jordan: “please”

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

First Day of Preschool

Jacob had his first day of preschool today. He is lips sealed about the whole thing but his teacher said he did well and wasn’t too shy. He did tell me that the big issue of the day was he wanted to sit in a blue chair but he had to sit in a red chair instead. Oh, to have the problems of a three year old!! He also told me he’d like to go back to school on Thursday, so he must have enjoyed himself.

Date: 09.04.12
School: Treasure Tree
Teacher: Mrs. D.

What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up: A farmer and a doctor
What is Your Favorite Color: Blue
What is Your Favorite Movie: Despicable Me
What is Your Favorite Book: Franklin. All of them. 
What is Your Favorite Toy: puzzles
Who is Your Best Friend: Jordan and Mommy

What Do You Think School is Going To Be Like: Fun. I think there is going to be books and puzzles in a cabinet. 
What Do You Think Your Teacher is Going To Be Like: I don’t know. Nice. Smart.

P.S.  Be proud of me, I didn’t cry! 

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Successful Breastfeeding Essentials {Giveaway}

Successful Breastfeeding Essentials

Welcome to the Successful Breastfeeding Essentials Giveaway! As we all know, breastfeeding is a topic that is near and dear to my heart and something I am very passionate about. Breastfeeding can be both challenging and rewarding, so it’s important to have great support to get off to the best start. That support can be found in lots of different places, such as friends, health professionals, online, or even with products that make breastfeeding a little bit easier. One lucky reader will win all of the items that were reviewed in the Essentials series, a $140 value! For full reviews of each item, click on the links below! Here’s what’s up for grabs:

A $40 e-gift certificate to Leading Lady

Breastfeeding My Feeding Friend
A My Feeding Friend nursing pillow

Calma breastfeeding bottle
A Calma breastfeeding support bottle from Medela

Udder Covers Breastfeeding
An Udder Covers gift set including nursing cover, cloth breast pads, and a Milk Bands nursing bracelet

To enter to win, just fill out the Rafflecopter form below. Open to US residents. Ends at 12:01AM on September 11. Thanks for stopping by!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
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