Wednesday, August 29, 2012

{Wordless Wednesday} My Boys

Before church on Sunday

Monday, August 27, 2012

Proud Mama Monday 8/27/12

We have a baby’s first words book and Jordan can name all the pictures on one of the pages. (Things like: flower, dog, cat, fish, car, shoes, tractor, train, stroller, orange, apple, ball… that’s all I can remember off hand) 

Jacob has been very consistently staying dry in his diaper over night!!! I really never thought this day would come! I am SO proud of him!!

Jordan is saying EVERYTHING! And carrying on conversations that make sense!! 

Both the boys are so sweet. I was telling Matt how I hurt my shoulder and Jordan said “Kiss it!” and he kissed it for me to make it all better. Aww. 

Jake is working on writing letters. We’re struggling big time with it but I’m proud of him for the effort he’s putting in! 

The Party Works Review {&} Giveaway — Mom’s Birthday Party

We like to make birthdays a big deal in our family. So when The Party Works contacted me about doing a review of their products, I was excited. I chose The Sweet Treats party pack to help us celebrate my mom’s birthday.

My first impression was being blown away by how much was included in pack. It literally came with everything we needed {and then some!} to throw an amazing party for my mom.

As you can see, the pack included dinner plates, dessert plates, napkins, cups, forks and spoons, invitations, balloons (2 colors of latex balloons and 1 mylar balloon), plastic tablecloth, streamers (2 colors), ribbon (2 colors), and candles! And all in a cute and fun cupcake design. 

The table wear was a good quality. The plates and cups were sturdy. Although we had tacos, which is not a typical birthday dinner, the dinner plates were a great size. The silverware was sturdy – you didn’t have to worry about the forks breaking off like plastic silverware sometimes does. They also had no sharp edges which is important to consider when kids are involved. 

The balloons {and streamers!} added a nice touch of extra festivity that we usually save just for the kids’ birthdays. It was so much fun to be able to go “all out” for my mom as well. I tied this bouquet of balloons to her chair at the dinner table.

I also added these balloons and streamers to the mantle. This is where we always set up gifts. 

I made a giant cupcake cake to go along with the cupcake theme. We called her party “How sweet it is!” Because every time we get to have the family together to celebrate and every year we get to spend with my mom is super sweet. 

Here is everyone ready for dinner

The dessert plates were the perfect size for cake and ice cream and were sturdy enough that you didn’t have to worry about them sagging or leaking as they were passed around the table. 

As I mentioned before, the silverware was a high enough quality that we didn’t have to worry about the kids using it. Even Jordan was able to feed himself without us having to go get a kids fork out. 

The Party Works really made planning my mom’s sweet birthday celebration a breeze!! They carry high quality party decorations and table wear at great prices and offer tons of different themes, from kids birthdays to adults and everything in between. They also carry supplies for baby showers, holidays, baptisms, graduations, and more! (Yes, even divorce… do people really throw divorce parties?!) Check them out for your next party!!! 

Now here’s a few more pictures of my mom’s party!

opening presents

A Jordan sandwich!

The necklace from my brother and me

No evening would be complete without someone making my mom cry! {Sorry Mom! Couldn’t resist….}
Time for cake!
Hugs & Kisses for Lolo  

The Party Works has offered to give away a Standard Party Pack for 8 Guests to one lucky reader of this blog. Enter below for your chance to win. Open to USA residents only. Giveaway ends 9/5 at 12:01am.

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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Silly Saturday 8/25/12

Jake: “My poop looks like ice cream”
(mmm chocolate soft serve, anyone?)

Jake: “How old is Papa?”
Me: “Old.”
Jake: “How old?”
Me: “Sixty two”
Jake: “Oh. Sixty two.”
Me: “Is that old?
Jake: “Yeah… that’s older than the big bad wolf!”

Friday, August 24, 2012

Five Question Friday 8/24/12

1. If you could have been (could be) any profession you wanted (brains and $$$ no problem) what would it be?
I often wish I would have become a vet instead of a nurse. That being said, my other dream job would be an OB/mother-baby nurse and/or an IBCLC (lactation consultant) Some day!

2. How often do you clean out your car?
……… no comment.

3. Do you wish there was such a thing as fashion police or are you deeply relieved?
I am a frump so I guess I’m relieved 😉

4. What’s your go to food/drink/activity when stressed?
Chocolate 🙂

5. If you had twins, what would you name them?
Well I suppose that depends on if they were boys, girls, or one of each. I would NOT name my twins matching names (same letter) just to name them that. Jacob and Jordan were names we liked, we did not start both their names with a J on purpose. I would NOT NOT NOT name them rhyming names for sure (Sarah and Kara or the like) I once saw twins born that were named Isaiah and Izaiah. Yup. I kid you not. So just whatever names we liked 🙂

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Proud Mama Monday 8/20/12

A bit late but better late than never, right?

Jacob has been fairly consistently staying dry in his diapers during naps. He also stayed dry in his diaper overnight two nights in a row!!!! This is HUGE for us!!!!!

Jordan’s ability to communicate has really taken off as well. Not only does he repeat everything you say, he also can express what he wants to very well. He is putting three and four words together. 

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Silly Saturday 8/18/12

Jacob: “Mom, me and Jordan were talking and we think you are rude.”
Me: “Excuse me?”
Jacob: “I’m sorry.”

Jacob: “Buddy is in Clayville… or something like that”
(he lives in Cleveland, so cute!)

Sean/Buddy: “I’m excited to see you.”
Jacob: (short pause) “You can see me.”

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Sleeping Arrangements

When I first found out I was pregnant with Jordan, I had planned to keep the kids in the same bedroom. When we found out Jordan was another boy, the plan felt even more perfect. We always tended to wonder how the sleeping arrangements would work out — would Jordan’s waking up during the night wake up Jake also? But, Jacob is such a hard sleeper that he usually stays asleep. The room sharing has worked out for the most part. 

Finding out I was pregnant with baby #2 when Jacob was just barely a year old was terrifying. But our hope with the kids so close together in age was that they would be best friends. That is part of the reason we wanted them in the same room. 

Ever since Jordan’s crib was changed to a toddler bed, he has always tried climbing in bed with Jacob at night. That is why we attempted putting the kids in the same bed. However, Jacob has legs like mine that dig and kick all night long and poor Jordan would always end up getting kicked right out of the bed — literally! After a few falls we decided to separate the kids again. 

It’s funny how long it takes them to fall asleep when they are sharing a bed — always touching or bugging one another. But once you separate them, they end up right back together — only this time, sleeping. 

I guess it’s safe to say they ended up best friends as we had hoped. And while we would prefer they sleep in their own beds {mostly because one of them always ends up squished against the bed rail at some point of their sleep sharing} who can really argue to two brothers falling asleep in the comfort of each other’s presence? 

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

World Breastfeeding Week: Winners!!

I am so excited to announce the winners for the World Breastfeeding Week Event last week! All the giveaways have officially ended now and all the winners have been selected and notified. I am still waiting to hear back from two winners so don’t despair if your name wasn’t chosen yet!

Winners are:

Bamboobies – Ashley R.

Milk Makers – Rachel G.

Simple Wishes – Copper S.

GlamourMom – Jennifer I.

Bebe au Lait – Alexis B.

Undercover Mama – Korey B. awaiting response by 8/15 7pm EST

Mystery Prize – Alycia C. awaiting response by 8/17 1pm EST

Friday, August 10, 2012

Five Question Friday 8/10/12

1. Thunder storms- love them or hate them?
I don’t mind them if I don’t have to go out in them. They are great for sleeping!! But I don’t like getting caught out in a thunderstorm.

2. Do your kids get back to school clothes?
No, not really. Jacob is starting pre-school this year (yikes!!) but he really truly doesn’t need anymore clothes. I did buy him a new fall shirt yesterday and he will need some new fall/winter clothes but he doesn’t yet. Jordan is not going to school this year so he doesn’t need back to school clothes either 🙂

3. Do you golf? Do you watch it?
No. And no. I think golf is soooo boring!! {Sorry Dad!}

4. Showers or baths?
Showers. All the way! It may be the nurse in me but I can’t stand sitting in a tub of my own filth. There is absolutely nothing relaxing about that to me! In the rare instance that I DO take a bath, a shower ALWAYS immediately follows!

5. What’s the strangest meal you ever ate?
Nothing really comes to mind… I’m not that adventurous with food!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Back to School Shopping Made Easy with Famous Footwear

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Famous Footwear. All opinions are 100% mine.

It’s getting to be back to school time! This hasn’t meant much to our family for the past few years but this year Jacob will start pre-school and that means that we’re back in the Back-to-School group. When you think of Back-to-School what do you think of? I think of shopping! Picking out school supplies, new clothes, and of course, new shoes! There’s not much a pre-schooler needs in the way of school supplies and Jake is definitely set on clothes! But shoes on the other hand… there is definite Back-to-School shoe shopping in our future. And that’s where Famous Footwear comes in! 


If you’ve never been to Famous Footwear, then perhaps you don’t know what a treat it is to shop there. They have a unique selection of shoes and offer a less overwhelming selection. Not to mention, if the shoe you want is not in the store, you can order it and have it shipped to the store or your home for FREE. Plus you can order shoes through the website and have them shipped to the store too. Talk about convenient! Especially with two toddlers! 


To celebrate the back to school season, Famous Footwear is running a great back to school promotion! They are offering a buy one get one half off, not to mention 15% off your purchase, or 20% off if you are a Rewards Program customer. And if you are not already a Rewards Program customer, you can sign up in the store and earn the 20% off. The rewards program is easy and is free to join. You accumulate points — 1 point for every $1 spent — and can earn up to $100 in Famous Footwear certificates each year. 

Make sure you print your coupon and redeem it in store by 8/18 to take advantage of this great discount! BOGO + 15% off Famous Footwear Coupon


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

World Breastfeeding Week: Mystery Prize!

World Breastfeeding Week 2012 is coming to an end but I hope the support of breastfeeding and the excitement in the process will carry on throughout the year. I want to thank everyone who visited my blog during this week, whether it was for the giveaways or for the information. Thanks to you all, this event was possible. Maybe you will see something like this again next year! 

To thank you all, I am offering a giveaway for a mystery breastfeeding related prize. You can use the rafflecopter form below to enter. 

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World Breastfeeding Week: Leading Lady Nursing Chemise Review

Leading Lady is a premiere intimate apparel company dedicated to creating comfortable, functional, and affordable bras, tanks and sleepwear, including those for nursing as well as full-figure, maternity, and leisure. They are a family owned and operated business with retailers across North America. Leading Lady is proud to celebrate “Leading Ladies” everywhere through its products, programs and philanthropic activities. Leading Lady is dedicated to arming new moms with the support they need to nurture their babies through breastfeeding. Follow Leading Lady on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.


Leading Lady was kind enough to send me a Nursing Chemise to try out for this event. I chose the azalea color which is a really pretty pink. The Nursing Chemise looks like a really long nursing tank top. It has adjustable spaghetti straps, a built-in supportive “bra,” and hangs down just above my knees. I was unfortunately sent a size that was too large for me but being that it is a nightgown it still works wonderfully.

You can kind of see in the above picture how it hangs a bit big under my arms. The chemise has hooks similar to most nursing bras or tanks for easy one-handed use. This chemise is absolutely perfect for side-lying nursing during the night. It is much more convenient than the old t-shirt routine I had been doing. Instead of having to adjust my whole self to lift up my t-shirt, I am able to simply unfasten one side of the chemise without hardly  moving at all! It can also be used lounging around the house. Below is a picture of me “nursing” Curious George, since my kids don’t like to cooperate most of the time! 

This is one of the most comfortable nightgowns I have owned. And like most nursing things, it can be used well beyond the breastfeeding relationship. Even when not breastfeeding, I like the support of the built-in bra while lounging or sleeping. 

Leading Lady has lots of other great products, including this Nursing Sports Bra and this Organic Wirefree Nursing Bra, both of which I’d like to purchase at some point! Check out their webpage for other great products!! To celebrate World Breastfeeding Week Leading Lady has a special of 20% off nursing bras plus free shipping with the purchase of a nursing bra! It’s the perfect time to check them out. 

Leading Lady was also kind enough to offer a discount to my readers. Enter code LLBLOG7118 at checkout to receive 15% off site-wide! 

What is your favorite product Leading Lady offers?

{Disclaimer: I received the above mentioned product{s} free of charge in exchange for my review. As always, this does not influence my opinion of the product{s} in any way and all opinions expressed here are 100% mine. Your experiences and opinions may vary}

Monday, August 6, 2012

Small Miracles

Do you believe in fate? I do. Sometimes coincidences have to be more than just that.

When I was in high school I moved to a new home, new school, new church. It was one of the best things that ever happened to me. When I moved to the new church, I met a priest {I was Catholic at the time} who really changed my life. He brought me back to my faith. When a terrible thing happened to him, it actually drove me away from the church and I vowed from that moment on that I would never recognize myself as a Catholic again. And I haven’t. But his faith through the whole ordeal is what kept me faithful, as I found my place in the Methodist church. 

Today I decided to take the boys to Bob Evans for lunch. I don’t know why but I had a strong urge to go there that came out of nowhere. Even when Jacob said he didn’t want to go there. Even when my dad mocked me for wanting to go there, then discovered he didn’t have a coupon to give me, I still wanted to go there. I should mention that I haven’t been there in probably ten years. But off we went. And who did I see but that very same priest I mentioned above! I didn’t talk to him {I didn’t even realize he was there until I saw him leaving} but somehow seeing him and knowing he is still okay… somehow that was enough for me. That put me at peace. 

So yes, I believe in fate. I believe that God put the desire for me to go there today in my heart so that I could be there at the very same moment that someone who changed my life was also there. Coincidence? Maybe. But I’d like to think of it as a small miracle instead. 

World Breastfeeding Week: The Basics of Breastfeeding for New Moms {Guest Post}

{This is a guest post provided by Jenn at The Great Cloth Diaper Experiment}

The Basics of Breastfeeding for New Moms!!

Image Credit

Breastfeeding is our first and best gift to our children.  It is the most natural way for newborns to be nourished and it greatly helps with bonding on the part of  Mamas and our sweet babies.  Too often in our culture today, breastfeeding is seen as an inconvenience, too much trouble, or so painful that many new moms are shying away from even trying to breastfeed.  

Here are a few basics for new mom’s to consider when deciding if breastfeeding is best for them.  
  • For babies, breastfeeding is an instinct, for mamas it is a learned skill.  
    • This means that your sweet baby knows exactly what he needs and how to get it, but we often fear that which we do not understand.  There is a learning curve when you begin breastfeeding for the first time, but fear not- you were created with the unique ability to provide perfect nutrition for your baby and if you have a little patience, you can do it.
  • Eat REAL food!!
    • You and your baby are depending on your choice of foods while you breastfeed.  The three things I live by while breastfeeding is:
      • Eat REAL Food- stay away from processed foods as much as possible.  Limit packages, plastic, boxes, fast food, etc.  Add as much protein to your diet as possible.
      • Eat RAW Food- eating fruits and vegetables the way they were created is best.  In many cases, cooking the food drains it of valuable nutrients and vitamins you and your baby need.  Whenever possible eat RAW!!
      • Eat OFTEN- your body is working hard to create milk for your little one- eat often so you are sure to be nourished and your milk supply will be abundant.
  • Drink LOTS of water!!
    • LOTS= so much more than you think- you need to be almost constantly drinking water.  It is so important for your milk production and for your overall well being.  Most people live in a state of dehydration and that can really take a toll on your body.  During your breastfeeding years it is even more important to make sure you are drinking enough water.  Good tip- if you feel thirsty you are already dehydrated!!
  • Every mother is different and therefore what worked for your mom, your sister, your best friend or the lady in the grocery store may or may not be what works best for you.  
    • Just as in pregnancy, take every piece of advice with a grain of salt, try it out for yourself, and decide if it works for you.  But most of all don’t think that if you can’t or don’t breastfeed the same way, time frame, quantity, or position as someone else you are doing it wrong.  You are the expert on your baby and you will know what is best!!
  • Most of all- Be confident!!
    • You are an expert on your baby.  You have grown your little person in your body for nine long months and your body responds naturally to him.  Your body was created for just this purpose and you can do it.  
Breastfeeding is a natural extension of motherhood and there is tons of support in the mothering community for those who chose this path.  Seek out the support you need if you are struggling and believe in yourself and your amazing body!!

**Please note- I do know there are instances where mother’s have tried to breastfeed and were not successful.  This is in no way condemning of those women- we are all different and have a different journey we walk.  We must do the best we can for our children with what we are given and there is no condemnation or judgement from one mother to another.**

Written by Jenn Walden- The Great Cloth Diaper Experiment
Mom of three and breastfeeding cheerleader!!

World Breastfeeding Week: Undercover Mama Review {&} Giveaway

When Jacob was a baby, Matt used to work at the computer at our church. This meant we would sit in the very back of the church. To keep Jacob quiet, I would often nurse him during the service. Sitting in the very back, I didn’t have to worry too much about if anybody would see anything. Unfortunately, I realized too late that the ushers were even father behind us and they were getting an awful view of my back flab while I nursed! Yuck! 

I wish I would have known about Undercover Mama at the time! Undercover Mama is a neat concept. It’s just like a nursing tank top but without the straps. It can attach to any nursing bra and can turn any shirt into a nursing shirt! No more back flab!

There are two ways to attach the Undercover Mama to your nursing bra. It comes with a hook and a loop. You can either attach the loop to your nursing bra clasp or you can slide the hook in the bra strap. Here is an image below describing the attachment. 


I chose to attach it using the hook. I found this the easier option. I think it will take more practice attaching and detaching it. Right now, I am unable to do it one-handed.

The concept behind the Undercover Mama is amazing. Now I no longer have to look for clothes that are easy to maneuver into nursing tops (low cut, stretchy, etc) because I can take any shirt I own and stick the Undercover Mama underneath it and voila! An instant nursing-friendly shirt! They can also be attached to any non-nursing bra as well and used as an undershirt when you are finished breastfeeding.

Undercover Mama shirts are machine washable and made from 95% cotton and 5% spandex. It is recommended to get them in a size smaller than your normal shirt size {which I’ll admit, made me really nervous but it actually did end up being a good fit for me!} I think you will really like the Undercover Mama, whether or not you are currently nursing!

BUY IT: You can purchase an Undercover Mama at They range in price from $24.99 to $26.99. They come in a variety of colors and are even available will lace trim.

WIN IT: One lucky reader will win an Undercover Mama in their choice of black or white (excluding lace). Use the rafflecopter form below to enter.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

{Disclaimer: I received the above mentioned product{s} free of charge in exchange for my review. As always, this does not influence my opinion of the product{s} in any way and all opinions expressed here are 100% mine. Your experiences and opinions may vary}

Sunday, August 5, 2012

World Breastfeeding Week: Dealing With Clogged Ducts or Mastitis

A common problem experienced by breastfeeding moms is a clogged duct. A clogged duct is exactly as it sounds – a milk duct that becomes clogged. This occurs due to milk stasis, or not moving milk from the breast and is most often caused from not completely emptying the breast at each feeding or pumping session. As you can imagine, clogged ducts can be painful. 

The easiest way to correct the problem is to just continue to nurse or pump. Though it is painful, it helps get the milk moving which keeps the duct from clogging. Since a baby’s suck is most powerful in the alignment of their nose to chin, it is beneficial to position baby in such a way that their nose points towards the clogged duct. This may take some experimentation with breastfeeding positions. Coupled with warm compresses and hand expression at the area during nursing, the clogged duct should be resolved in no time! 

Unfortunately, there are times when this does not happen and the clogged duct becomes infected. This infection of the milk duct is called mastitis and it is one of the most awful things I have ever experienced. When you have mastitis you feel like you got run over by a truck while having the flu. In fact, I originally thought I had the flu and then got mastitis on top of it after sleeping all day and not nursing/pumping. But in reality, I had mastitis all along. You may notice some pain up by your armpits and redness on your breast. You can get mastitis in one or both breasts at the same time. Generally, you will need to be treated with an antibiotic to really clear it up but, though it is excruciatingly painful, again the best thing you can do to take care of the mastitis is to continue to nurse or pump while you are healing. It is often suggested to take a day in bed with baby and just nurse them the entire day. This allows you the frequent nursing and also the rest you will need to help with the mastitis. 

Like most issues with breastfeeding, the answer is simple. Offer your breast to your baby. Smile. Take a deep breath. And just carry on! 

Have you ever had a clogged duct or mastitis? What did you do to deal with them? 

{Disclaimer: This post is not intended as medical advice or as breastfeeding counseling. For professional help with breastfeeding, please contact a lactation consultant in your area or speak with a physician or trusted health care worker}

World Breastfeeding Week: Bebe Au Lait Nursing Cover Review {&} Giveaway

My style of parenting has changed drastically with each of my boys. One of the many things that was different between them was my view of nursing in public. This can become a very heated debate between people. Modest little first time mom me was very shy about nursing in public. Not only would I find a very private place, but I’d pop a cover over top of me and if possible, turn around backwards as well. No chance of anybody seeing anything! Less modest second time mom me decided it wasn’t worth the effort. Nursing covers – absolutely! But other than that, it was not worth my time and effort to try to be discreet. If people didn’t want to see then they could look the other way. And if people did want to see, well, more power to them. {Though honestly, there wasn’t much to see!} 

The first cover I bought was one that went all the way around you. Both my kids hated it. It’s hot underneath and it’s difficult for me to see them. I wasn’t very happy with it either. 

Bebe Au Lait makes gorgeous nursing covers. They are more of an apron style but have a curved top so you can see your baby. I like this feature because it is so important to me to be able to see my baby {is there really anything sweeter than watching a baby nurse?} and I know my baby wants to be able to see me as well. It’s important to have that sweet bond even when using a cover. You can see the curved top in the pictures below. You can also see the ring on the neck strap – this allows you to adjust the height of the cover to meet your needs. 

Please ignore my make-up less face and my ugly hair in these pictures!! 

But perhaps my favorite feature of the Bebe Au Lait nursing cover is the terry cloth pockets on the bottom corners. These pockets are perfect for holding small items such as a pacifier, burp rag, or even your nursing pads! Plus the terry cloth material is perfect for wiping baby’s mouth when they have finished nursing. This is a feature I have not seen in any other nursing covers. 

Overall, I really really like this nursing cover. Unfortunately for me, my boys do not. I think if I had used a cover like this from the beginning they would, but Jordan got so used to not using a cover that now he does not like being underneath this. I am hoping to use this from the beginning if we ever have another baby because I love this cover!! And did I mention they come in lots of gorgeous prints?! Bebe Au Lait nursing covers can also be used as carseat or stroller covers, sun shades, or even a light blanket for baby. Bebe Au Lait covers are machine washable and are packaged with recycled and recyclable materials. 

BUY IT: Check out Bebe Au Lait to purchase your own nursing cover. They range in price from $35 to $38. 

WIN IT: One lucky reader will win their choice of Bebe Au Lait nursing cover. Use the rafflecopter form below to enter. 

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{Disclaimer: I received the above mentioned product{s} free of charge in exchange for my review. As always, this does not influence my opinion of the product{s} in any way and all opinions expressed here are 100% mine. Your experiences and opinions may vary}

Saturday, August 4, 2012

World Breastfeeding Week: GlamourMom Nursing Tank Review {&} Giveaway

Nursing tank tops are a must have for breastfeeding moms, as far as I’m concerned. To be honest, I think I could live in them. They are super comfortable, have built-in bras, and are very convenient for public nursing.  I wear one almost every day! GlamourMom is a great company that offers nursing tank tops, bras, tops, and sleepwear.

GlamourMom sent me this brown nursing bra long tank to try. The first thing I noticed when I received it was the quality of it. It is slightly thicker than other nursing tanks I have tried. The clasp is easy to use one handed and the built in bra is supportive.

I love using my GlamourMom nursing tank. It is nice enough to wear by itself and can also be worn under clothes so almost any outfit can become a nursing friendly outfit. I also wear it under my work clothes for easy pumping at work. As I mentioned, the clasps are easy to use one-handed. They are different than the standard nursing bra/tank clasps in that they are flat for more discretion under clothing. The straps are also adjustable for the perfect fit for both comfort and support.

The tank is longer than most nursing tanks I have tried before and has a fabric panel on the inside so when it is unclasped there is still fabric on your breast with an opening to allow your baby access. This is helpful in maintaining modesty while nursing in public. My favorite aspect of the GlamourMom tank is the layer of wicking material on your breasts to keep them cool and dry. This is something I haven’t seen before.

I really love the GlamourMom nursing tank. It is by far my favorite nursing tank top that I own! I would definitely recommend these to all nursing mothers. And the best part is that you can continue to wear them even after you are finished nursing!


BUY IT: You can purchase your own GlamourMom nursing tank from their website. They come in a variety of styles and colors and range in price from $34 to $59.

WIN IT: One lucky reader of Love{&}Bugs will win a GlamourMom nursing tank of their choice. Use the rafflecopter form below to enter! Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

{Disclaimer: I received the above mentioned product{s} free of charge in exchange for my review. As always, this does not influence my opinion of the product{s} in any way and all opinions expressed here are 100% mine. Your experiences and opinions may vary}


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