Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Jordan: Eight Months

Jordan is now eight months old and growing every day. He weighs 17 lbs 14 oz and is 26 3/4 inches long. His head circumference is 45 cm. He has red hair and blue eyes and a beautiful smile. He wears mostly 9 month clothes, some 6-9 and some 12 month.

Sleep has become an issue. Jordan very rarely sleeps through the night. It’s really wearing us out and we realize how blessed (and spoiled!) we were that Jacob started sleeping through the night at 7 weeks. Jordan sleeps in his crib in our bedroom or in our bed with us. He prefers to sleep on his stomach or sometimes his side. If he’s in our bed he’ll sleep on his back or side. He likes to be nursed to sleep or held and bounced to sleep.

Jordan is still 100% breastfed. I am hoping to do at least another seven months but we’ll see how it goes. He tried lots of new foods this month and we still haven’t found anything he really doesn’t like. I don’t know if it’s a difference in personality or a difference in giving him real food versus baby food but it is so nice to not have to fight about food constantly. I have been really bad about keeping track of the things he’s tried but here is what I did remember to write down: rice, snap peas, chicken quesadillas, noodle, ham, toast, pickle, orange pepper, green beans, asparagus, mango, vegetarian vegetable soup, breadstick, peas, ice cream and sherbet (just a little of each!), watermelon, blueberry pancake, garlic bread, pesto-pasta, vanilla wafer, and chicken pot pie. He also had his first pureed baby food of pears and raspberries. He liked it but did not like me trying to feed it TO him so he did it himself. Let me tell you — that was a mess and a half!

He’s started babbling and has made the sounds “dadadada,” “babababa,” and “mamamama.” He also got his first tooth at exactly eight months. It is the bottom front right and it has just barely poked through the gums.

can you see it?

This month Jordan started scooting on the floor. He can really get around pretty good by doing this. He gets himself into the crawling position and also does baby push-ups, but he can’t quite figure out actual crawling yet. I think he’s really close though.

Jordan went in the grass for the first time this month and he seemed to like it. He also got to go in the kiddie pool for the first time. He loved this. He splashed in there the whole time. And he got to go for a ride in the wagon for the first time.

This month Jordan got to meet Matt’s friend Ben, who was here visiting from Maine. It had been too many years since we had seen him and it was actually both of the kids first time meeting him. Jordan, of course, didn’t seem to care one way or the other but Jacob loved him.

Here are some pictures of Jordan from this month:

playing outside

playing outside

the boys wearing their relay for life shirts

first time in the kiddie pool

first wagon ride

push ups (yes, he’s just on his tippy-toes)

playing with a ball that’s as big as he is

first drive in the cozy coupe (Jake drove him around the house)

conked out in our bed one morning (so sweet)

the boys

passed out in his crib, using his giraffe for a pillow

looking cute in his spring jacket (I don’t know why this picture loads sideways)

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Top Ten Tuesday: Diapers I Want to Try


If I’m being honest, I want to try every single diaper ever made. I’m totally addicted to cloth diapering! Here’s my top ten list, in alphabetical order.

1. Bum Essentials Bumbino One Size Diaper: I have heard good things about these and I love the bright colors they come in.

2. Bumgenius Elementals: My Bumgenius diapers are some of my favorite diapers. I love the elementals because they are organic and they are all in one.

3. Charlie Banana: Even though these are essentially identical to my Fuzzibunz, I have wanted to try them since I first heard of them. I am totally in love with all the fun bright colors they come in.
Value Packs of 6 SIZEDValue Packs of 6 ONE SIZE

4. Diapeze: You can make these diapers totally customizable, including custom prints on the PUL. How fun is that? I’m thinking of having a GVSU and MSU diaper made
how cute is this one???

5. Envibum: Another diaper I’ve wanted to try since I first heard of it. This is a one size diaper without bulky snaps. It also has hidden PUL so they diaper itself is completely soft. And the company donates money to charity based on the color of diaper purchased.
The purchase of this diaper, for example, donates $2 to Food for the Hungry

6. Itty Bitty Bums: This is another customizable diaper that is offered in lots of fun prints. She has lots of oogas to choose from and I am totally obsessed with ooga print!
one of my favorites!

7. Kawaii Baby Goodnight Heavy Wetter: I love my bamboo Kawaii and am always in need of an overnighter.
(plus they are cute!!)

8. Softbums Omni: I have heard great things about this diaper but it wasn’t until I heard about its unique hidden size adjustment that I was hooked. This diaper adjusts on a drawstring-like system allowing a fully customizable fit. It also makes it super easy to adjust a one-size diaper between two babies. It can also be used in three different ways: an all in two, a pocket, or a cover.

9. Rumparooz One Size: This is another diaper I have heard really good things about. I love that it comes in bright colors and fun prints. Here are two of my favorites.

10. Thirsties Duo Diaper: I have yet to meet a Thirsties diaper that I’m not in love with, so it only makes sense to also try a duo diaper. They make the softest diapers ever!
I think this print is really cute

So there you have it. I’ve been on a diaper-buying kick lately so I’m not going to be allowed to try any of these any time soon. But maybe some day I’ll try all the diapers from my list and post reviews 🙂

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday: Things Jake Has Done To Make Me Smile/Laugh


1. He had a beach ball in the car with us. He likes to deflate it constantly. I looked back at him to find him with the beach ball deflated on top of his head like a hat.

2. Last night he was in the shower with me and he was washing my leg with his washcloth. Then he looked at my butt and said “Ohh you have poopy!!” and started scrubbing where I have a mole.

3. “Papa eat worm. He no like it. That yucky.”

4. Accidentally stepping on his book that makes music and then dancing as he walked away

5. He stayed dry in his diaper for long periods of time all week. He went potty at the mall, the library, and Bye Bye Baby. I think he just likes to sample all the available potties.

6. Matt’s friend Ben came to visit. Jacob would not say Ben, he kept calling him “That guy”

I’m going to finish this tomorrow. I just fell asleep here.

7. This is now known as “McDonald Duck”

8. “What do you say about that?” “About that”

9. “Cwinkle cwinkle yiyo star. How are you. Cwinkle cwinkle.”

10. He is SUCH a good big brother. He brings toys to Jordan to play with. He tries to play with him whenever he can. He pets him and gives him hugs and kisses. All of this without asking. It’s so great to see them interacting with each other now. They are both totally in love with each other and I know they are going to be the best of friends growing up!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Five Question Friday 5/20/11

Oops, it’s a few minutes passed FRIDAY now. (And why am I still up????)

1. Do you and your spouse go to bed at the same time?
Usually we don’t because I go to bed so early most nights.

2. A question for the ladies…What kind of facial hair do you like on your man?
I think this totally depends on the person. Some guys can pull off the rugged 5 o’clock shadow look (think: Joshua Jackson) while others need to be clean-shaven.

3. What’s the worst vacation you’ve ever taken?
Overall, our vacation to Missouri was fun but Branson, Missouri leaves a LOT to be desired. I really hated that city. That’s not to say that we didn’t enjoy our time there because we did do some fun things in Branson. But I would definitely never ever go back there. Ever.

4. What’s the first-ever blog you followed?
Honestly, I have no idea!

5. Do you enjoy amusement parks?
For the most part, I do. I’m kind of a chicken though. We don’t go very often. I think the last amusement park we went to was Disney World for our honeymoon (almost five years ago, wow!)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Speaking in sentences

It was 5 months ago when I took Jacob in for his 2 year appointment and I was worried about his speech development because he still was not putting two words together.

Today he just said the following:

“We get up and go through here and then we go to kitchen and get food from freezer”


EIGHTEEN WORDS!!! IN A ROW!!!!! And it totally made sense.

He’s amazing. Just amazing!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Relay For Life

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Walk With Me

There is no way I can do justice to this story with words. We attempted to video record it but of course that didn’t work.

Jacob had the inflatable penguin and was holding it by one of it’s arms and walking and singing “You walk with me, you walk with me, you walk with me”

A short time later he came walking back carrying the penguin. I asked him why he was carrying him now, if he got tired of walking.

Jake: “Yeah, he no have shoes on”

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Like every story begins, I walked away for a minute. I just went to brush my teeth after breakfast. Jordan started crying and then stopped. Jake walked into my bathroom.

“Mommy, I give Baby more puffs”

Wow, Jakey. How many did you give him?

“Ummm…. a LOT”

Yes, the whole container. Lol. Silly boy. At least he was trying to help, right?

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Wordless Wednesday: Mother’s Day 2011

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Top Ten Things I Would Do With More Time in a Day (Top Ten Tuesday)

Welcome to another Top Ten Tuesday list. This list almost didn’t happen as there never seems to be enough time in the day to get everything done that I want to accomplish. And that is my inspiration for this week’s list…. things I would do if there were more time in a day.


1. Scrapbook. It seems like it’s been forever since I’ve scrapbooked. I am so far behind it isn’t even funny and I feel like I’ll never catch up!

2. Paint my toenails. They need it. Bad. Especially with summer coming up. Every night I think to myself “tomorrow I am going to paint my toenails” then I never find the time to do it.

3. Learn how to sew some things. I have a list of things I want to learn how to sew. I also have a two year old and a 7 month old. Enough said.

4. Read.

5. Clean the house. I do the best I can every day but there is always something more that needs to be done.

6. Keep in touch. If I had more time I’d do a better job at keeping in touch with long lost friends and family. If I had more than an hour to myself (on a GOOD day) I’d be more apt to spend that time gabbing on the phone instead of turning my mind off completely.

7. Play outside. If there were more time in the day, we’d spend more time playing outside. As it stands, there is always something needing to be done around the house (see #5) so we often find ourselves stuck inside, boo!

8. Sleep. More time in the day = more time to sleep at night. Wishful thinking, right?

9. Blog more. I’m sure it seems like I blog enough as it is but there are so many things I’d like to blog about and all these ideas in my head that I never get around to actually doing.

10. Tedious tasks. I’d finally get around to all the little tedious tasks that need to be done that I am constantly putting off — selling things on craigslist, reorganizing my nightstand drawers, reorganizing the milk in the freezer, organizing the basement, filing papers, etc.

Oh, if only there were more hours in the day!! What would you do with extra time?

Monday, May 9, 2011

My {Little} Obsession Monday 5/9

My new current favorite cloth diaper is the Kawaii Baby diaper Jordan is wearing in this picture.
I am hoping to replace some of my Nubunz diapers (which are delaminating, boo) with a few more of these!
Not only are these super cute, they are also very affordable and very absorbent (even as a night-time diaper) I am totally in love!
I plan to write a lot more in detail about these diapers later.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Jacob at 29 Months

Weight: 34 lbs
Height: 37 inches
Favorite Food: cheerios
Favorite Toy: blocks, trucks
Frequent Phrases: “Me do it all by self,” “Where are you?,” I want {insert anything imaginable here},” “That okay”
New Accomplishments: jumping with both feet off the ground, staying dry for half a day, undressing
What We Did This Month: celebrated Easter, started a sticker reward for potty training (that actually works fairly well), started wearing pull-ups, participated in The Great Cloth Diaper Change, finger painted for the first time, colored on the walls with crayon
Likes: going to the park, making people laugh, being chased, being tickled, playing, music, Caillou, helping out, doing things by himself, reading books
Dislikes: taking naps, being told no, listening 🙂

walking home from grandma’s house

vroom vroom

excited about his new big boy diapers

“No, me do it!”
He loves to help out

he filled up his first potty sticker calendar
(so he got to pick out a new book, very exciting day for jakey!!)

Easter 2011

Saturday, April 23: I had to work from 3-7pm. The boys decorated Easter eggs while I was at work because we realized we were quickly running out of time to do everything we wanted to do.

The Easter Bunny stopped by our house that night while the boys picked me up from work and we went out to eat. Jacob had a blast looking for the eggs hiding in our living room. He enjoyed getting all the goodies out of his basket as well. Jordan slept through the whole thing but when he woke up he had fun pulling things out of his basket as well.

he stopped between almost every egg to grab another jellybean from his basket

The Easter Bunny got a little carried away with the amount of candy a 2 year old should have

Sunday, April 24: I regret to say that I didn’t get a good picture of Jordan in his Easter outfit and I also didn’t get any pictures of the boys together 🙁 🙁 🙁 This is because, as usual, we were rushing to get ready. We all got in our Easter outfits and headed out to church. The sermon was really good. Then we went straight to my parents’ house for breakfast. We had these ham, egg, croissant things (not sure what they are called) and cantaloupe. The boys each got an Easter basket from them and the big kids got a goody-filled egg that we had to do a goose-hunt to find. It was so much fun! I’ve always been a big fan of those. We stayed until shortly after 2pm.

After we left my parents’ house, we went to Matt’s parents’ house for dinner. Grandma Joan was also there. We had chicken, cheesy potatoes, green beans, fruit salad, strawberry pretzel dessert, rolls, and cupcakes. The boys each got an Easter basket from Grandma Joan, an Easter basket from Grandma and Grandpa, and a present from Aunt Minnie and Uncle Brandon. {Spoiled!!}

After we ate, Jake found Easter eggs in the backyard.

It was a long, but fun, day! Hope everyone had a great and blessed Easter!

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