Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Jordan Matthew: Two Months

Today Jordan is 2 months old. He weighs 11 lbs 9 oz and is 22 7/8 inches long. His head circumference is 39 cm. He still has very little hair but what he has has a reddish tint to it. He still has hair on his ears and wrinkles on his feet. His eyes are blue.

He sleeps best on his stomach on my chest. This is how he falls asleep most nights. He sleeps swaddled in his bassinet in our bedroom still. He sleeps with his NICU frog on his belly. He wakes once a night to eat, usually around 3 or 4am. We are usually up for an hour and a half from the time he wakes up to the time he goes back down. This includes: nursing, changing his diaper, and snuggling on the couch until he falls back asleep. He typically takes one or two longer naps during the day but some days he takes short cat naps all day. He gets very cranky if he’s tired, just like his mama!

I am very proud to say that he is still 100% breastfed. He sometimes nurses great and other times I would be surprised that he got any milk out but he seems satisfied. He likes to pop on and off. He sometimes only eats on one side and other times, he takes both.

He typically has just one major poop a day. Once in awhile he will have some small ones as well. Unfortunately, the time of this blow-out varies so we aren’t always prepared!! I am sad to say he has been wearing mostly disposable diapers lately. I am trying to get him back into cloth though – which is becoming easier now that he’s growing and fits better into his one size diapers. We quickly run out of our four newborn fitteds!

Jordan actually enjoys doing tummy-time. He is getting very good at holding his head up. He can roll from his belly to his back. He has started taking an interest in looking at toys while on his tummy (or even on his back) and he’s even looked at and smiled at himself in the mirror.

He smiles often, we love it! He also coos. Sometimes it sounds like he’s laughing, even though he’s not. Sometimes he gets VERY excited, it’s so cute! And I certainly don’t want to jinx anything but he seems to have outgrown his “fussy time.” Whew!

Jordan likes: snuggling, watching his big brother, looking at blinds/things with stripes, his moby wrap, lights, soothies pacifiers.

This past month we celebrated Jordan’s first Thanksgiving. He looked so cute in his Thanksgiving outfit, complete with a turkey on his butt!

He goes in for his two month appointment tomorrow (actually, both boys do!) so I will be sure to update about how that goes then.

Here are some pictures from this past month:

All About Me in 30 Days: Day 5

All About Me in 30 Days


Day 5 – your favorite television program

We don’t watch much TV but the shows that we try to watch (online!) are: Desperate Housewives, Fringe, Glee, and Grey’s Anatomy. However, my favorite show of all time was Dawson’s Creek.

I liked Dawson’s Creek because I could relate, in some way, to every single character on the show. Not only that but it somewhat paralleled my life: they were in high school when I was in high school, college when I was in college. They grew together, they grew apart. And, of course, it didn’t hurt that my celebrity boyfriend (Joshua Jackson) was in the cast!

I think I’ll break out some of the old DVDs today!!!

Monday, November 29, 2010

All About Me in 30 Days: Day 1-4

All About Me in 30 Days

Day 1 – a recent photo of you

This was taken at one of our three Thanksgiving celebrations.

Day 2 – your favorite song

There are SO many good songs and so many songs that I will declare are my “favorites” when I hear them. I would have to say that “O Holy Night” is an all time favorite, and I especially like Josh Groban’s version of it. I also love “Home” sung by Michael Buble. And my current favorites are “What Do You Want” by Jerrod Neimann and “The Farmer’s Daughter” by Rodney Atkins. That was a very non-committal answer.

Day 3 – your favorite movie

Again, I have SO MANY favorites! I’m not sure I could even list them all. My favorite growing up was “Labyrinth.” My favorite Disney movie is “Beauty & The Beast.” My favorite recent movie is “Eclipse.” Others that top my list are “Hitch,” “Bruce Almighty,” “Sweet Home Alabama,” “Aladdin,” “Shrek,” “Phantom of the Opera,” “A Time to Kill,” and “Pirates of the Caribbean” to name a few.

Day 4 – a photo of you as a child

I love this picture

And this picture

But this picture pretty much sums it up!

The Challenge: All About Me in 30 Days

All About Me in 30 Days

I’ve decided to join in this challenge that I stumbled upon on another blog. Here is the description. I have missed the first few days so I will post all those in just a few minutes.

Day 1 – a recent photo of you
Day 2 – your favorite song
Day 3 – your favorite movie
Day 4 – a photo of you as a child
Day 5 – your favorite television program
Day 6 – your favorite book
Day 7 – a picture of you and the person you have been closest with the longest
Day 8 – your favorite quote
Day 9 – your dream house (description or photo!)
Day 10 – a photo that makes you happy
Day 11 – a photo that makes you angry/sad
Day 12 – something you are OCD about
Day 13 – a description of what’s currently in your handbag/purse/diaper bag!
Day 14 – a photo of a person you’d love to trade places with for a day
Day 15 – a photo of yourself and a new friend you met this year
Day 16 – a song that makes you cry
Day 17 – your favorite website
Day 18 – a photo of your favorite memory
Day 19 – a picture of somewhere you’d like to travel
Day 20 – a talent of yours
Day 21 – a hobby of yours
Day 22 – a photo of your wedding/future wedding plans
Day 23 – a photo of something that has made a huge impact on your life recently
Day 24 – a recipe
Day 25 – your worst habit
Day 26 – a photo of where you live
Day 27 – a photo of someone you could never imagine your life without
Day 28 – your hopes, dreams, plans for the next 365 days
Day 29 – a picture of something you want to do before you die
Day 30 – it’s Christmas Eve! post a photo of what’s under your tree this year!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

New Videos

Here’s a few new videos. Sorry the quality is sooo crappy when I post them on here!

Jordan smiling:

Jacob practicing counting:

Jake and the Jack-in-the-Box. I love his expression!

Baby Jesus:

Damn you, auto-correct!

Today I was introduced to a new website called damnyouautocorrect.com. It has lots of funny texts between people where their phones have auto-corrected to different words. Some of these are hilarious! I was laughing so hard that I was crying (and Matt was annoyed) So I thought I would share some of my favorites here 🙂

Friday, November 26, 2010

Five Question Friday

Thanksgiving is my least favorite holiday (well, besides made up holidays like Sweetest Day and such) so I am kind of annoyed that all of the questions this week are about Thanksgiving. Especially since it is, thankfully, OVER, now. Oh well, I should have expected it.

1. What is your favorite part of a Thanksgiving meal? Sweet potatoes or the gelled cranberry sauce. I think mostly because I don’t get to have these yummies the rest of the year. And, of course, the pumpkin pie! But really it’s all pretty good.

2. Are you a host or a guest for Thanksgiving this year? Guest. Always. Maybe some day I’ll be brave enough to host. Maybe. Would you like that Mom?

3. When you think of one Thanksgiving tradition, what comes to mind? Over-eating? We don’t really have any traditions anymore.

4. You have two pieces of pie in front of you and you HAVE to eat one…do you choose pumpkin or pecan? Easiest question ever. Hands down, pumpkin. It should be noted that pumpkin pie is one of my favorites and I don’t like pecan pie at all. 🙂

5. Are you a Black Friday Shopper? Not anymore. It’s a little more challenging with two small kids. We’re thinking of going out later though now that the crowds have died down.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thankful Thursday

This Thursday I am thankful for this Thanksgiving morning. We all slept in then Matt made blueberry pancakes for breakfast. He spent some one-on-one time with Jacob while I spent some one-on-one time with Jordan. I think it was really beneficial to both of the boys to have that time and I think Matt and myself really enjoyed it as well.

Of course, the day went downhill from there — it WAS Thanksgiving, after all! But we had a great morning.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Five Question Friday

Happy Friday!! I am sooo glad the week is almost done as I have two very obstinate and very crabby boys today. Ahhh!!!

1. What Christmas song do you loathe?
I have to admit, I love almost all Christmas music. But there is one song. The one that goes “Simply having a wonderful Christmas time” I think it’s by John Lennon. HATE it!!!

2. Do you and your significant other cuddle at night or sleep on opposite sides of the bed?
Opposite sides!

3. Have you ever had surgery?
I have. I have had a spinal fusion and lasik eye surgery. Oh, and my wisdom teeth removed if that counts.

4. When do you typically have your holiday shopping done?
I try to finish by Thanksgiving, just because I don’t like to deal with the crowds. But that doesn’t usually happen.

5. If money were not an issue (and you HAD to pick something), what would your ultimate luxury item be?
My own personal masseuse. And maybe someone to clean my house since that doesn’t happen!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thankful Thursday

In honor of Thanksgiving being next week, I am going to start doing Thankful Thursday every week. Or at least every week that I remember. So to start….

I am thankful for my two beautiful boys

Who didn’t see that one coming?

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Breastfeeding is Offensive

This is the most amazing post I have seen in awhile and I just had to share!


Five Question Friday

Well, I’m a day late but that’s what you get these days. I’m going to try to get back in the habit of answering these.

1. What is the most physically painful thing that has ever happened to you?
I’m not sure how to answer this. Back surgery was extremely painful. I’d like to say that. But then…. then there was that ONE contraction that I actually felt (yeah, I know… actually, there were like three of them…) and that was pretty bad too. Like, didn’t know what to do with myself bad. It’s a toss up.

2. How much sleep do you get at night?
Yeah. We’re not doing too bad anymore. We average about six hours a night. Thank you Lord for blessing me with two good sleepers!

3. How long did you believe in Santa Claus? How did you find out that he does not exist?
I think I was in first grade when I found out he wasn’t real. But I kept pretending I believed so I’d get the good gifts 😉
(Note: I was reading this out loud to Matt who said “First grade? I think I was a little older than that… like tenth!” AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!)

4. What was the last movie you saw in a theater?
Hell if I know. Probably Eclipse in our Twilight trilogy. We have a newborn. We don’t get out much.

5. What do you wear to bed?
Pajamas. Duh.
Let me elaborate. Usually sweatpants or shorts and an old baggy t-shirt.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Halloween Videos

Finally figured out how to get videos from our new camera on here. Here are some from Halloween.

Jacob’s first sucker:


Carving pumpkins:

Trick or treating:


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Lost in the Leaves

Jake’s first experience playing in the leaves out back. Didn’t quite go as expected.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Jacob – 23 Months

Today Jacob turned twenty three months old. Only one month left until he’s 2! He currently weighs about 32 lbs and is 34 inches tall.

Jacob’s favorite things right now are puzzles, buckles, music, animals, and cars/trucks. He likes books, especially picture books and lift-the-flap books. He tries really hard to jump but just can’t get both feet off the ground. He looks so cute trying and he loves doing it. He climbs on everything. He is good at riding his “bike” both forwards and backwards. He runs more than he walks.

He is getting good at his colors. He can pick out the colors red, blue, green, yellow, orange, and black if asked for them. He can usually say the names of the colors red, blue, and green and sometimes can do black, gray, and yellow. He can pick out the letters D and O, randomly! He says lots of words, most of which is not understandable to anyone other than family. Lots of his words sound the same. Most of his words sound something like “bud-gee” or “gee-gee” Lol.

Jacob loves being a big brother. He is constantly giving Jordan kisses and petting him. He is constantly saying “baby” He likes to “help out” with changing Jordan’s diapers and bringing me things I need for him (burp cloths, boppy pillow, etc.) I’m sure the novelty of having a little brother will wear off soon but for now it’s nice.

He loves playing with his grandparents and aunt/uncles, playing golf, throwing balls, and all things Halloween. He gets excited really easily. He has a very cheesy smile. He loves to pretend there are monsters in our bedroom, though I think he’s starting to get a little bit afraid of monsters. He loves animals, especially dogs, cats, and ducks. He still tells the story about feeding the ducks on the golf cart. He’s a troublemaker and wears out his time out chair. He’s getting better about staying in time out until his buzzer rings. He’s mastered using kitchen utensils to eat and can drink out of a regular cup without spilling usually. He still mostly drinks out of sippy cups though.

He has a fascination with turning lights on and off. He figured out the childproof light guards the day after we put them up. He has learned how to open doors. He did this for the first time on Halloween. He hasn’t learned how to open them with the door guards on — yet! He is in love with his hat that a friend of mine made for him and he has learned how to put it on himself.

He still takes one afternoon nap a day and sleeps for 10-12 hours each night.

This past month Jacob got to visit Klackle’s orchard again. It was disappointing this year but he did enjoy seeing all the animals and running around peeking in the apple barrels. His grandma came with us which was fun. He also got to visit with his great grandma (mom’s grandma) and his Auntie Sarah. He had a great time with them and loved all the attention he got. He was also spoiled rotten! This month we celebrated Jacob’s second Halloween. He dressed up as a monkey. He went trick-or-treating for the first time, which he loved. We also got to play in the leaves out back for the first time. He didn’t love this as much, since he was lost in the big pile of leaves.

Well that’s it for this month. Expect a big update next month!

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