Thursday, September 23, 2010

Smarty Pants

Sometimes I am thoroughly amazed at how smart Jacob is. He’s probably right on track with his learning but he just blows me away sometimes. So I thought I would take a moment to brag on him.

Jacob has three puzzles (one with shapes, one with animals, and one with transportation) and he can put all the pieces where they go without hesitation. He’s amazing! Also with the shapes puzzle he can point to each of the shapes if I say them by name. (There are 8 of them — circle, oval, rectangle, square, diamond, heart, star, and triangle) I am one proud mama!

Jacob’s new love right now is buckles. He wants to buckle every buckle he sees! His booster chair, stroller, changing table, everything. It’s really quite amusing.

Not much else to say today, just wanted to document the puzzle thing. I also took a video of him doing his shape puzzle which I upload at a later time.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Jacob – 21 months

Another month has passed. Jacob turned 21 months old on Sunday, September 5th. And as we quickly approach the age of 2 (just 3 months left, yikes!) he has been gearing up for the “terrible two’s.” His latest and greatest tricks include lots of whining and crying whenever he doesn’t get his way. We’re in for it!!

He continues to say more and more words — more than I could even possibly list anymore. He also likes to tell stories. He has a few he tells constantly – such as the monster in our bedroom, the fish at the back of the store when we go shopping, and his favorite — and longest — going to visit the ducks with Papa. I was able to capture him telling that story on video a few nights ago. (Not the greatest because he was eating during the video but it’s the only time he would cooperate, being that he was strapped in and all…)

Jacob likes to play lots of games. Some of his favorites are the spider game we’ve been playing since he was only a few months old — he’s even started doing the spider to us sometimes! One of his very favorite games though is the hot/cold game. He will start by saying something is either hot or cold and when we say it isn’t, he’ll say the other. For instance….

Jacob: “Hot!”
Us: “That’s not hot”
Jacob: “brrrr”
Us: “That’s not cold”
Jacob: “Hot!”

And on and on and on….. At least he recognizes an opposite though!

We’re still working on learning colors and letters. This has been slow going but I suppose he’s still a bit young to know those anyway.

He has learned how to pull his wagon behind him instead of always pushing it. He has also become brave enough to climb off of his changing table now. He used to just dangle there, chicken out, and climb back up. And of course, our biggest new development this past month, which I already wrote about, was the transition to his big boy bed. He’s been doing really well with sleeping in there. A few times he still sleeps on the floor either by the door or behind his rocking chair (we even put his pillow back there for him lol) but usually he’ll stay in bed all night/naptime.

In other, unrelated news, a month from today is my due date. There are big changes up ahead in the life of Jacob Michael!!

driving mom’s car for the last time

at the park with daddy
Jakey loves his new bed
The spider’s gonna get Daddy!
hiding out behind the chair after his nap – he took all the animals he could reach off his hanging thing
And just for fun – a silly picture of poor neglected Charlie, just to prove that we DO still love him 🙂
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