Monday, August 30, 2010

toddler beds and baby names

Yesterday (08.29.10) morning after Jacob woke up we took down his crib side rail and put up the toddler side rail instead. This gave him the morning to get used to his new bed and allowed us to trial the toddler bed at nap time instead of bedtime.

During his nap, he stayed in his bed for a short time before he got out and collected all of his “friends” (blankets, animals, etc) and laid down on the floor by his bedroom door. He eventually fell asleep there after playing with the door stopper for awhile.

Last night he did much better. He stayed in his bed most of the night, much to my surprise! The last time I got up and peeked on the monitor was 0530 and he was still asleep in bed. By 0815 when I got up, he was back on the floor sleeping by the door with only his cross and pacifier with him. Improvements 🙂

So far, so good on the transition. And so far there have been no messes for me to clean up! I was highly anticipating him emptying out his dresser with his new found freedom. I’m sure that’s to come, though!!

Yesterday I also compiled a list of names online that either Matt or myself like. If you didn’t already get this in an email or through facebook, you can go to this link and vote yes or no for some of the names we’re considering. Feel free, also, to leave us other suggestions! We are having a terrible time naming this baby!

In other news:

– We sold my Honda 🙁 We purchased a 2006 Dodge Caravan in its place. I am officially a mom now! I have to admit, much as I LOVED my Honda, I really like driving the van. Yup, I just turned 40.
– Jacob got his hair cut again yesterday. It looks really cute. We took him to SportClips because we had a free haircut from his library summer reading program.
– We have now purchased everything we need for #2. We also just bought some baby washcloths which we are going to use as cloth wipes. We are both really excited for this! We’re always looking for ways to be more environmentally friendly. Not only that, but it will save us a ton of money from buying wipes all the time. We tried it once before and didn’t like it but I think we’re both ready for this step now and are going to do it a bit differently this time.
– Only 5.5 weeks until Baby is due. Crazy!!! There is so much to do in the meantime!

just because he’s so cute… (he makes this face anytime I get out the camera)

sad to see the honda go 🙁

me with my sweet new ride, the mom-mobile

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My Little Helper

Jacob is becoming such a big helper around the house. He is especially great about helping out with the animals.

Every time he goes into the laundry room, he thinks he needs to feed the cat (reason #123528 that we try to keep the door closed at all times!) Unfortunately she is on a strict diet and can only be fed twice a day. We keep the measuring cup right in her bag of food. He scoops out the food for me (sometimes he does well, other times I have to add or subtract some of it) and then he pours it into her dish.

If he happens to notice that Charlie’s food bowl is empty he will also let me know. Just the other day he came running around the corner saying “num num! num num!” I thought he wanted his milk out of the fridge but when I looked down, he was carrying Charlie’s empty food bowl. He takes the bowl from it’s holder and we go over to the closet where we keep his food. When I open the closet and the container of food, Jake sets the bowl on the floor and waits for me to pour the scoop in, then he picks the bowl back up and brings it back to the dish holder and puts it in there.

It really is quite adorable when he does things like this.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Jacob – 20 Months

Jacob turned 20 months old on August 5th. He has grown so much!! He weighs about 30 lbs now.

Some new things he says are:
Grapes – bway
Doggie – daw-dee
Hi Kitty – hi didee/hi gidee
Hi Doggie – hi dawdee/ hi daddy
Bad Doggie – ba daw dee
Milk – meh
Birdie – bah-dee
Bee – bee
Baby – baby/bebe
Cheese – bees
Peas – bees
Bread – ba
Banana – Bada
Book – bah
Ball – bah
Bye-Bye – bah-bah (with waving)
I’m Hungry – num-num

That’s all I can think of right now but the list goes on and on and on. He likes to say Hi and ByeBye to everyone we see – unless, of course, they say it to him first. Then he acts shy. Stinker.

He still loves to play with his cars/trains/trucks and to read books. He also loves to put things in piles — he’ll take all the books off his shelf and pile them up or all the magnets from his board in a pile. He loves to climb and his favorite place to climb up on is his booster seat to eat and Mommy & Daddy’s bed. I made the mistake of showing him how to get up there one day!

He is also on the verge of potty training. He pees in the potty usually at least once a day now. He has pooped in there once. When he is finished, he opens the lid to the big toilet so we can dump it in there, then he flushes, and closes the lid. So cute! He really is very observant.

He still doesn’t like to keep his shoes on in the car, only he now usually takes both off. He has very stinky feet!!!

He’s still on a once a day nap schedule, right after lunch. He sleeps an average of 1.5 to 2 hours. He is slowly attempting to push his bedtime from 8pm to 9.30 pm. No thanks! He no longer drinks a bottle before bedtime.

In the last month Jacob had his first dentist appointment, his first time to Binder Park Zoo where he got to feed giraffes for the first time, his first time to Gun Lake, and his first ear infection. What a busy month for him!!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

30 Week OB Appointment

Today I had my 30 week OB check-up. My BP was good at 118/62. Baby’s heart rate was 152 and I measured at 29 weeks. I think it’s the first time in my LIFE that I have measured small, even though it’s not really considered small. I also found out that my glucose level from my screen was 86 and my hemoglobin was 12.9. All in all, everything is looking good. I go back in two weeks and I will see a nurse practitioner at that appointment because my doctor will be out of town.

In other news, tonight Jacob went poopy on his potty. And tomorrow he is 20 months old. He’s growing up too fast!! I’ll do a better update on him soon.
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