Monday, April 12, 2010

16 month update & Family pictures

Not much of an update this month since I just posted a few weeks ago. But Jacob has learned a couple of new things that I wanted to document. He now knows where his nose is. He also will stick out his tongue if asked where his tongue is. We are working on eyes now. He learned how to say “papa” and “wow” and he knows what a sheep says. In fact he loves to yell “BAAAAA! BAAAAA!” It’s sooo funny!! He also mastered drinking through a straw. I tried to play a trick on him by putting pop in the cup after he learned but the joke is on me. He loves it! It’s a good way to get me to stop drinking pop though – since I don’t want him to drink it and I can’t drink it in his presence anymore with him throwing a fit!

He is still just as naughty as ever too! Climbing on everything and getting into everything in sight. His favorite is emptying the dog’s food bowl and playing in the water bowl.

He is working on tooth #13. It is right below the surface so it should pop through any day now.

This past weekend we had some pictures of Jacob and some family pictures taken by a girl that Matt went to high school with. Here are a few below.

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