Wednesday, March 24, 2010

15 month update

Okay, okay, I need to update this. I am getting really bad at remembering to do it. So now that we’re almost 16 months, it’s time for the 15 month update.

Doctor Appt: Jake went to the doctor for his 15 month check up on Wednesday, March 17th. He weighed 27 lbs 10 oz and was 31 inches long. His head circumference was I think 47.5 cm. He checked out perfectly healthy and normal and received 3 shots (HIB, DTaP, H1N1) He doesn’t go back to the doctor until he is 2 years old.

Activity: He is walking up a storm and even running now. He enjoys climbing on everything. In fact, just today he climbed up on a kitchen chair and then up on the kitchen table!!! He’s sure a troublemaker!!! We bought him a climber with a slide and he loves it. He still falls a lot, especially when he’s running, but it’s quite entertaining to just let him go and watch what he does.

Food: He’s been completely off of baby food for awhile now which we realize now how much we miss! It was much more convenient! He eats pretty much anything now. His very favorite foods are bananas, yogurt, and cheese sticks. He also really enjoys frozen peas, graham crackers, and apples. He’s been fussy lately with food and refuses some of his favorites sometimes. It’s frustrating, but totally normal behavior.

Body Parts: We started working on naming body parts a few months ago (starting with nose, which is STILL can’t get haha) He can point to the following body parts: head, ears, mouth, belly, feet.

Animal Sounds: We’ve also been working on animal sounds and he can say the following animal sounds, in his own version of course: dog, cat, cow, lion, sheep, duck.

Talking: He’s really not talking yet but he babbles constantly. He does say “yeah” almost any time you ask him a question (so agreeable!) He also says “Mom” “Dada” and “Daddy” but not really in context. He can point to a picture of Matt and label it as “Dada” but he’s clueless about who Mom is 🙂 He mostly makes “tt” and “ch” sounds and points to everything. He is absolutely in love with his dog and his cat. We think that’s where the “ch” sound came from, in reference to Charlie.

Toys: His favorite toys right now are phones (we gave him Matt’s old working but no longer activated cell phone to play with), blocks (mega blocks), books (though he can’t usually sit still long enough to listen to a full story), and containers (tupperware, etc) He also loves listening to music and dancing. And of course loves it when we, on rare occasion, turn on the TV or Wii. He’s also been real into his old teething toys lately — the big thick rings, the bracelets he gets from his doctor’s visits, and his two little teething fish. We’ve been enjoying trips to the park lately too now that the weather is getting nicer. He loves the swings and climbing up and going down the slides.

Bath: Jacob loves taking baths now. His eyes light up every night when we say “do you want to take a bath?” and you’ve never seen a kid run so fast as he does to get in there. He plays with his fish and ducks and stacking cups in the tub and I think he’d be content in there until his whole body was a prune. He never wants to get out.

Sleep: We went through a long phase where sleeping suddenly became a problem and we made some mistakes during this time to perpetuate the problem (brining him into bed with us, sleeping on the floor of his nursery with him, etc) He is finally back to sleeping all night most nights and going to bed without a problem. We are so thankful for that!

Teeth: As of 15 months, Jake has 12 teeth. He has his four top, four bottom, and four molars. He appears to be teething again but it seems too soon for any others to come in so who knows.

Haircut: Jacob had his first haircut in February. He went from looking like a baby to looking like a toddler. I guess it’s official now!

Well I suppose that’s all the update we have this time. I will post a few of my favorite pictures from his birthday until now below.

Naughty boy climbing up on the coffee table!

Dr. Jake in his scrubs, so cute!

This is when he was just figuring out how to use this.

First haircut

Right after his first haircut

precious boy all snuggled up to his lovies

at the park

at the park
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