Friday, November 13, 2009

Ten & Eleven Month Update

Wow, it’s been awhile! Ten months just sort of blew past me and here we are at eleven months already!

So at 10 months Jacob weighed about 20.6lbs and was about 27.5 inches long. He started clapping his hands and he, unfortunately, learned how to unroll the toilet paper rolls. We now keep the bathroom doors closed! We took him to his first apple orchard and he loved looking at all the animals, riding the hay ride, and sampling the apples we picked. We also celebrated his first Halloween. He dressed up as a lion and we visited both sets of grandparents.

At just shy of 11 months I had to stop nursing Jacob. I continued to pump for awhile while we mixed in whole milk – per our doctor’s permission. He didn’t even seem to notice the transition. Yesterday he had his first all whole milk bottle. He’s been doing great with it!

He now weighs 22.7 lbs and is 27 inches long with a head circumference of 46 cm. As usual, we took this measurements at home so we are not sure how accurate they really are.

He continues to grow and amaze us. He is growing up too fast for my liking!

He can recognize objects by name now. If we say certain names he will either look at the object or point to the object. Sometimes he says “da!” or “de!” when he points too. I think it’s his way of saying “there it is!” Things he can recognize by name are: tick tock clock, turkey, pumpkin, pilgrims (all my fall decorations hehe), baby jakey (his baby picture on the wall), charlie, and kitty. He is dying to start talking and has his own words for different things too. Kitty = tee; Pumpkin = PA-ba; Truck = ta; etc.

He is also dying to start walking, which I am not ready for! He likes to practice with his push toys going back and forth over and over throughout the house. He still isn’t brave enough to try to stand up on his own without holding on to something so I think that will buy us some time before the madness really begins! He is crawling up a storm and is so fast now sometimes he’s hard to catch! He has also figured out how to crawl backwards to get off my lap. Boo!

I haven’t witnessed this but Lolo (my mom) says that he has switched the lights on and off a few times from his crib. He hasn’t made the connection yet and looks around, confused, when they go on and off. Luckily he doesn’t do this often! Haha. What he does do often is throw everything out of his crib…. pacifier, cross, blanket, elephant, etc. When he’s really being a stinker, he’ll throw it all out and then cry until you give it back to him.

He has been trying more and more table foods. One of his favorites is bananas. He makes a huge mess mashing it up in his hands before eating it but he loves it! He’s also tried sweet potato fries, nilla wafers, chicken, peas, apples, and that’s all I can think of right now.

He is really starting to develop a personality and we’re in for it because he is going to be a troublemaker. But he’s also a lot of fun so we’re up for the challenge!
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